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Joy Martin--Student Since 2007


I was at a point in my life where I had lost my whole family within 7 years.  I was looking for something to bring back the joy in my life.  One of my co-workers gave me a postcard from the Royal Ballroom Dance Studio for a few introductory lessons at a Special Price.  She knew how passionate I am about music and dancing, and she was a member of the Royal Ballroom Dance Studio.  I knew the moment I stepped foot into the Royal Ballroom Dance Studio that it was a magical place.  And my teacher Oleg Dimitrov was the magician.  In the past five years he has transformed me from a “street dancer” to a ballroom Latin dancer and now to a winning Latin competition dancer.  It has been an incredible journey and one I would not give up for anything.

During my first week, Oleg signed me up as one of his competition students, and it was at my first competition that I knew that my dreams as a young girl were coming true.  It is such an amazing feeling being in the center of all the excitement, the glamour and beauty, and seeing so many famous people from the dance world.  Thanks to the wonderful teaching, mentoring, (and awesome patience!) of Oleg Dimitrov, I am doing well in competition.  What an amazing feeling I had at last competition when I came in first in the 3-Dance Latin Championship in my category!  As I wrote earlier, dreams do come true. 

I think the biggest surprise about ballroom dancing is that within 4 months of training, I lost 40 pounds!  How’s that for FUN exercise?!  I highly recommend ballroom dancing if you are looking for an exercise program that you will stick to and, most of all, enjoy!

The Royal Ballroom Dance Studio is such an elegant place to come and learn from the best.  Oleg and Asya are  world finalists, and I am honored to be Oleg’s student.  In the five years that I have been Oleg’s student, I have not only found new joy and passion in my life, but I have found a new family.  We all, both students and teachers, have such a special bond together ----one that will last a lifetime. 

 If you are searching for your passion in life,  try ballroom dancing, and you will see how it will transform your life into a fun, exciting recreation where you will meet friends and family that will last a lifetime.  I did, and I am in for life.  And if you visit the new Royal Ballroom Dance Studio, you will see first hand what special, caring and giving people that Oleg, Asya and Anya are.  Try it………’ll like it!

Alison Gillen--Student Since 2004


I started taking latin and ballroom dancing on and off since I was in grade school. My first experience training at a dance studio was when I was in my 20's for six months and also dancing with male professionals from a few different dance studios at dance clubs socially. I stopped at 29 until after the abrupt death of my husband many years later. At that time, my children were away at college and although working a full time job my life was lonely, empty and dull. With no interest in going back into the singles scene in my 50's at dance clubs, in 2003 I started taking lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Englewood, N.J. because of some Fred Astaire silver and gold level steps I remembered enjoying in my 20's.  In 2004 I passed my Bronze Level with Honors passing the male parts as well in Latin and ballroom in American style also had limited international style exposure. If your new to dance,  formally passing levels is a matter of choice and does not prevent you from learning those levels. I also participated in several shows and competitions. My instructor at Fred Astaire was Yuriy Kravets.


In 2004 I moved to Vero Beach and was introduced to Royal Ballroom knowing Oleg and Asya had been with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. I was thrilled they knew instructors I knew up north including my old instructor. Oleg proved to me very quickly dancing is like riding a bicycle. I basically hadn't lost all that I had learned. Because of personal reasons it wasn't long after participating in a Royal Ballroom's Holiday Show doing tango, that I had to stop. In 2010 I  returned again to Royal Ballroom to continue training to pass my silver level in ballroom and latin american style in earnest and since my international training is limited Oleg is instructing me in this and its differences as well. And since tango is my favorite,  I am also learning Argentine tango.  In 2013 I passed my Silver & Gold Level Medal Tests in American Smooth Tango with high honors, in 2014 my Silver Smooth Foxtrot also with high honors, and in August 2015, once again with high honors, I passed the Gold Medal Test in the American Smooth Foxtrot. 


I have received a lot of support and encouragement from the family of other students because the Royal Ballroom's Milonga Night is so popular and I wanted to go. I am lucky to find a second studio with the same fun and friendly atmosphere no matter what level of dance you are, or like me, if you had to stop dancing for awhile for whatever the reason. You have to experience this wonderful atmosphere to know what I mean.


If you're new or coming back to dance...I highly recommend Royal Ballroom because you will gain much more than you could ever imagine! Make you feel more than you can imagine! And whatever challenges you in dance, you'll have much more fun than you could ever imagine because those challenges dissolve themselves quickly due to these instructors knowledge, training, and experience. Anyone can learn how to dance no matter how horrible you think you are at it, or sense of rhythm you think you don't have. I have seen all types come, enjoy it and progress. And these special instructors at Royal Ballroom in my opinion will prove this to you before your very eyes! Don't put off having more fun any longer whether your jointly coming with a partner or single.

Doug and Dori Coffey -- Students Since 2008


We originally thought that a few dance lessons in preparation for a cruise would be a good idea, and make our cruise more enjoyable.  The cruise offered very little dancing, but we so enjoyed the lessons and what we were learning that we continued when we returned. 


We find that dancing gives us the exercise that we would get at a gym, and it is an activity that we can do together.  In addition to exercising the body, as we progressed and learned more dances, and dance figures we found that it was amazing exercise for the mind.  Lots to remember, and while frustrating when we can’t quite remember the sequence of a dance step, it is amazingly rewarding to remember, do the figures well, and build a base of steps as we moved from Fox Trot to Waltz to Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Merengue and others.  We also found that the social aspect – meeting other dancers and attending Royal Ballroom parties gave us an opportunity to practice, and enjoy the company of others who shared our interest in dance.  Experience was not a factor, and everyone gave encouragement – after all everyone is new sometime.  The Staff is always available to give pointers, or do and occasional Cha-Cha or Waltz and help out on the dance floor.


While we had no idea what or who the Royal Ballroom was when we started; however over the past several years become aware that this is a very unusual studio for Vero Beach, or for that matter any other city in Florida.  The owners and principal instructors Oleg and Asya Dimitrov are both past professional  dancers who have successfully competed internationally in their home country Bulgaria, as well as throughout Europe, South Africa, before coming to New York and then selecting Vero Beach as the home of their dance studio and the place to raise their family. 


We share in Vero’s good fortune and continue to feel that to be dancers and have The Royal Ballroom is part of what makes our community such a special location.


Kerry Bartlett--Student Since 2010


After being a faithful follower of Dancing with the Stars, I was honored to be asked to participate in the 2010 Dancing with Vero's Stars. Trust me ... I was asked because I know how to raise money for nonprofit organizations, not for my ballroom dancing talents.


Someone was looking out for me because I had the good fortune to be paired with Oleg. The first day I met him in the studio (I had to take my best friend with me because I was so nervous!), he and Asya asked me which dance I wanted to do. My response ... the Paso Doble. No one told me it was one of the hardest dances to learn and we only had three months!!


The good news is that both Oleg and I survived those three months and offered a stellar performance to the crowd of 500 people at the Waxlax Center.


The better news is that I was bitten by the ballroom bug and have continued learning more dances from Oleg. Who would have thought I could like the Waltz and Quick Step as much as the Paso Doble?


Some lessons are really frustrating -- I know Oleg would agree with me -- but the sense of accomplishment I feel at the end of each session is unbelievable. I am a Type A personality and like to be in control. In ballroom dancing, I have to follow and work way outside of my comfort zone. But it is so much fun, great exercise and really makes you coordinate your brain with your feet.


When you are ready to try ballroom dancing, there is only one place to come in our community ... Royal Ballroom Dance Studio.


Mary Jane Keriakos--Student Since 2011


I have had the good fortune to participate in Asya and Oleg's Argentine Tango classes in 2011.  The instruction is excellent, comprehensive and inspiring.  Oleg and Asya are so patient.


Dr. Darrell Nazareth - Student Since 2011


"I just started 2 months ago and already I've come a long way in the Argentine Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot and Rumba! The dance parties are a fun and easy way to interact with your peers and get you dancing. Superb professionalism and friendly dance instruction from the best!" 


Billy G. - Student Since 2011


Since I've been associated with Royal Ballroom as a student, it has been one of the most fun, relaxing and positive experiences in recent years.  The friendly atmosphere shown by everyone on the staff has made me feel welcome since the first day.  My instructor is truly a remarkable dancer and has a great ability to teach someone to learn, no matter what the person's previous experience.  If you are considering starting a program like this, I truly believe that you could not find a more professional and personal touch, than that shown at Royal Ballroom!

Christina Branigan--Student Since 2008


After surviving a cancer scare, and undergoing major surgery, I realized how precious life was. I happened to pick up a post card in a local restaurant, advertising Royal Ballroom. Dancing had always been a love of mine, so I decided to try the intro package. It was magical. I felt more alive than I had in years. Dancing relieved my work stress and has made me happier, and healthier.

The dance instructors, Oleg, Asya, Harry, and Anya, are superb. They are not only the highest skilled professionals in town; they are patient and friendly partners. They are quick to recognize each student’s strengths, and can encourage the student to become better and better.

Without reservation, I highly recommend Royal Ballroom as the place to dance!



Alan Brenner--Student Since 2010 


I have been dancing Argentine tango for seven years.  I have had the good fortune to take a large number of private lessons from top dancers both in Buenos Aires and when these performers travel in the USA.  All of these people are outstanding dancers, but the quality of the teaching varies widely – from excellent to mediocre.  The weak teachers generally do not know how to explain a concept, or correct a flaw, and sometimes are simply lackadaisical.

     Oleg has been trained by a variety of teachers, but has been especially influenced by Carlos Gavito, considered one of the great maestros of tango and noted for his attention to technical detail.  Oleg, in turn, has passed this knowledge on to Asya.  Oleg is always fully focused in his teaching and has the ability to discern errors and to clearly explain how to correct them.  He has a great breadth of knowledge which he shares with his student, and he can teach both beginning and very advanced students.  The Vero Beach area is very lucky to have dancers and teachers of the quality of Oleg and Asya.  I know many people who have gone to the mecca of Buenos Aires multiple times but remain mediocre dancers because the instructors provide more of a temporary ego boost than a long term commitment to learning and practice.  I believe that a student is better off training with Oleg than taking your chances (and spending more money) in Buenos Aires.


Karen Lind--Student Since 2006

     Before coming to Royal Ballroom I was taking some group lessons and I could see I was going nowhere. Everyone was talking about "THE Royal Ballroom" and how the students danced

like no others. I am 'one' who likes to get the advantage of the BEST so I called for an appointment .

     Music and dance were always something I aspired to but was the kid who was out of time and lacked rhythm. Here the atmosphere was based on starting from  my level and working toward  mutual goals.

     As I began to take lessons, I found not only excellent teachers but people who really cared about my personal development. Asya and Oleg treat their students as family and  always give that extra TLC that is the ingredient that binds our group. Some say it is costly but when you realize the benefits  of  brain  expansion, doing the best exercise, emotional fulfillment  coupled with the many and varied  social events that in which can participate it is cheap.We have had dances 3 or 4 times each week, competitions, gala events, beach parties, movies, shows ,cocktail parties ,seminars guest dance pros, Add to this a group of students who are friends following the lead of  Asya and Oleg and treat us as family.

     As a female, I enjoy getting dressed up in a beautiful gown. We have learned a lot about the history and style of dance. What Royal Ballroom offers that differentiates their students from the rest is TECHNIQUE  and STYLE.

     Which club do you know that offers  stimulation  of  the mind,body ,spirit, emotional  while being nurtured in an environment of loving friends. Your own energy (not substances,), molds you into being whatever you dream to be.

     They say that dancing and having fun is the key to a longer healthier life.


Rita Pulson--Student Since 2007

     There are some places that feel like "home" from the minute you step through the door.  For me, Royal Ballroom is that place.


     From Oleg and Asya to Anya and Harry and all the wonderful people who attend the classes and social events at Royal Ballroom,  there is  a feeling of welcome and companionship. While everyone is striving to learn and improve, there is a genuine feeling of encouragement and appreciation for each persons progress and abilities.  We cheer each other on at Royal Ballroom, and we delight in each others success.

That makes us a  "family".  


Valerie Kramer---New York

I am passionate about the Argentine Tango. Before receiving lessons with Oleg at Royal Ballroom, I had been taking lessons for six years and still did not have the flow or persision. I made many trips to Argentina multiple times to take Tango lessons, and in addition I went to Milongas, seminars, and performances in both Argentina and New York.  Sometimes I would stay in Buenos Aires for a month and have lessons three to four times a day. When I went to the Milongas there and I soon found out that there were many women and few men, and I, a single lady, would be fortunate to dance one time the evening with a sweaty old man. I decided that if I wanted to practice at the Milonga I would have to hire and escort, which I did.


I have to thank Oleg for teaching me what no other teacher has about the Argentine Tango. When I came to Royal Ballroom he began teaching me the fundamentals: how to move, how to stand, how to step, how to hold. None of my past instructors had ever taken the time to teach me the ABCs of the Argentine Tango. My past instructors had taught me showy steps, but without the proper technique I was lost. I am grateful to have found such a wonderful teacher who has met my needs. Oleg, you are very much appreciated and I look forward to taking more lessons with you when I return to Florida.  

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